Easy way to activate you windows 10

The first question that appears to you after installing Windows 10 – how to activate it. We present the simplest and most effective guide to solving this problem.

To do this is very simple – follow the instructions below and follow the instructions in the order given. To get started, download the program to activate KMSAuto Lite by clicking on the button below:

  1. Unzip the archive and open the folder. Let’s get down to the action 🙂
  2. Run the 1.bat file as administrator.
    The following window will appear, click OK:
  3. Run 2.bat as administrator.
    Again, click OK, the window closes:
  4. Run the KMSAuto file as administrator.
    The activator will start. At the same time (and maybe earlier), if you have an antivirus enabled, it recognizes it as a security risk. But do not rush to click the “Activate” button

After the successful activation of the activator in Windows Defender exceptions, click the “Activate Windows” button and wait until “***** Completed *****” appears.

Restart the computer and open the system properties: